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Acne Vulgaris: Common skin problem vol. 2

30 Oct , 2015  

In my earlier post, I have given the types of acne from mild to most severe forms. It looks very scary. I have also mentioned the causes which to best of my knowledge. I suffered severe acne in my early twenties, but that was for a very short period of 4-5 months. My experience told me that stress and poor diet are enemies for my skin. Hence, here I am discussing what all can be the probable cause of acne.

Theory behind the cause of acne

Three points are very important when considering the cause, namely harmful ingredients, hormonal imbalance and diet. In a way harmful ingredients is related to hormonal imbalance. Harmful ingredients can include comedogenic ingredients. The largest source nowadays for toxic ingredients is our daily body care products. These products are loaded with estrogen mimicking hormones ‘xenoestrogen‘ to make our skin look better. This creates imbalance within our body leading to various skin problems and even cancer.


Artificial estrogen leads to hormonal imbalance resulting in acne

Artificial estrogen leads to hormonal imbalance resulting in acne



Hormonal imbalance can be within our body due to some other reasons also. Any external intake of hormones can be devastating for our body. Pills are hormones which will inhibit the release of eggs in our uterus┬áto prevent fertilization.┬áSometimes the meat and eggs we eat can be pumped up with hormones to make the meat plumper. Cows are given shots of female hormones to produce more milk. There is a reason that cases of skin cancer, acne and other diseases are on the rise these days. Stress and sleep deprivation can stimulate body to produce some hormones which causes acne. During puberty there is a rise of hormone ‘androgen’ in our body which increases sebum production and if quality of sebum is poor it gives rise to acne


Stress leads to hormonal imbalance resulting in acne

Stress leads to hormonal imbalance resulting in acne



The relationship between diet and acne is very deep. There are certain polyunsaturated fatty acids which are not manufactured by our body and they help in maintaining pH level of facial skin. These are linoleic, linolenic and gamma linoleic acid. When we ingest diet lacking these fats the pH levels gets disrupted. In addition to this lack of essential nutrients which makes a skin healthy should be included in our diet like vitamin A, C, E, D and K. When skin produces sebum-rich in squalene and oleic acid , it becomes sticky and traps dead skin. Linoleic acid helps soften the sebum and release the toxic and maintain skin pH level at 5. If not ingesting then start applying natural oils high in linoleic acid to ease your skin. Other than these reason people should also encourage eating fruits and healthy fibers which will help keep digestive and excretory systems on track.

Prevention is better than cure

Few steps to achieve flawless skin is mentioned below. A detailed discussion can be found in this article too.

  • Working out is the best way to eliminate toxic waste through entire body and keeping digestive system healthy
  • Try living in a positive surrounding with optimum hours of sleep. Yoga is best to have a peaceful mind and treat sleep deprivation.
  • Avoid fast food and try migrating to organic, green vegetables and fruits
  • Read the ingredients and go for natural skin care options especially sensitive oily skin people
  • Avoid any external source of hormones like birth control pills. There are many other methods of birth control options that do not include any type of pills


Achieve acne free skin

Achieve acne free skin


Do not go for laser therapy and topical creams (especially accutane) without giving these tips a try because laser can close pores giving rise to cystic acne and making skin extremely photosensitive. Accutane is a steroid form of Vitamin A which can even impair reproductive system. I know when you are suffering from major acne things can become really difficult with low self esteem and depression. Remember acne does not define you. How you potray yourself in your mind matters. Surrounding yourself with people who give you positive vibes help. Natural tips may take time but at-least they are not aggravating your problems. Let us join hands to fight this common problem. Share your feelings about it in the comment section below.


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I am a self-practising naturotherapist with a primal diet. Primal diet has helped me maintain my weight and internal health. Herbal lifestyle has helped to rejuvenate my skin and body. Hence, combining the diet and herbal lifestyle creates harmony between my mind, body and skin.

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