Detox with mud therapy

20 Jun , 2016   Video

Detox with mud therapy

Mud has the power of assimilating all type of rejected waste. Even after absorbing so much toxic waste it yields manure which is incredible. This quality of mud can be used by us to get rid of toxic waste from our body too.  More…

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Benefits of living a natural lifestyle

18 Jun , 2016   Video


Natural lifestyle has been in existence since ages. Except human being every other living being is following it. Due to excessive use of modern technology we are further drifted from our roots. I have started my youtube channel which will work along with this blog to make people aware and help them achieve a healthy life with naturopathy. More…

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Curb your craving with these tips!

1 Mar , 2016   Video

Curb your craving!

Everyone amongst us admits of craving fried/fatty/junk food. Eating a cheesy slice of pizza, delicious sweets or the panipuri sometimes changes our mood. Since I am a foodie, I crave at the oddest hour for the weirdest food. I have posted how to make your fresh food taste better than processed food earlier. More…

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Reduce cellulite in 6 easy steps

6 Feb , 2016   Video


Cellulite is something every age group is afraid of. I have seen this problem mostly amongst girls. Guys do not have that much cellulite problem. The major area of cellulite accumulation is thighs, waist, hips and arms. This is believed to be caused by an imbalance between connective tissue and fat layer in one’s body. More…

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How water fasting affected my skin and body?

6 Jan , 2016  

How water fasting affected my skin & body?

Water fasting is a type of fasting where you do not eat for 24 hours minimum. The only thing which goes into your mouth is water. The reason I chose this type of fasting was to increase my control over my mind, body and cleanse them as well. It was first tried by my husband for 23 days. I saw some changes in him. It inspired me to bite the bullet.  More…

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Introduction Video

11 Dec , 2015   Video

I write to spread awareness amongst people, but not everybody has the patience to read. So here I am posting my first video to give quick tips about natural lifestyle and skincare. Hope to make many fast facts videos soon! Leave your feedbacks down in the comment section. :)