Control anger through Mudra

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Our body is made out of five elements namely fire, wind, space, earth and water. Five fingers in our hand denote five different elements. By arranging your fingers you can change the energy flow within the body in a certain way. This can alter certain functions in your body and give you relief from a number of problems. Our body just like an electric board has different circuits present from within. By making mudras circuits arrangements change giving us positive results instantly. Different energy flow can control anger, stress and different problems within the body.

‘Gyan mudra’ can help you control your anger, reduce stress, anxiety and make brain powerful. At times of arguments or depression try making this mudra while in the conversation. You will observe your perspective changes immediately.  This mudra strengthens pituitary gland functions, which is the boss of other glands. Muscular problems get cured by practicing this mudra. If your nervous system is weak you can make it strong through this mudra. Every day practicing it for 30 minutes is more than sufficient. You can try it anytime, anywhere. For best results, Gyan mudra is suggested with early morning meditation.


Control anger through mudra

Control anger through mudra


Gyan mudra is made by joining the tip of forefinger with the tip of your thumb. It is also known as ‘Jnana’, ‘Vayu- vardhak’ or ‘Dhyan mudra’  There are few types of Gyan mudra which help you to achieve different results.

Vairagya mudra

Vairagya mudra infuses a sense of detachment from worldly pleasures. This can infest satisfaction with whatever you already have. Hence giving you a peaceful mind. To practice, this you have to sit in Sukh-asana and make Gyan mudra as shown below.


Vairagya mudra

Vairagya mudra


Purna Gyan Mudra

The practice of Purna Gyan Mudra leads to obtaining complete knowledge or the absolute truth in all matters.


Purna gyan mudra

Purna Gyan mudra


Dhyan Mudra

If you practice meditation daily then this mudra will help you get the best results of meditation fast.


Dhyana mudra

Dhyana mudra


Abhaya Mudra

This mudra gives you a sense of fearlessness. If you suffer from anxiety problems then practicing this mudra helps to remove those fears.


Abhaya mudra

Abhaya mudra


Practicing any particular pose daily gives fast results. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or anger issues from a long period then along with meditation try the mudra whenever possible with one or both hands.

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