Different ways of skin rejuvenation


Different ways of skin rejuvenation

28 Jan , 2016  

Makeup is colourful and fun to apply, but when it comes to “naked” beauty, a serious and engaged strategy is what yields favourable and long-lasting results. After all, no wonder French and Italian women spare no expense when skin rejuvenation products and treatments are in question. It seems that steps for skin rejuvenation are working for them as well. I would prescribe an all-around approach. This may entail face yoga, natural face masks, creams, peelings and surgical treatments according to your age and situation.

Face yoga for skin rejuvenation

Few women have heard about this non-invasive and beneficial anti-aging method. It requires 20 minutes daily, and should be repeated six times a week for the best outcome. It targets the lower, middle and upper dermis of skin by increasing the blood flow. This helps with the absorption of oxygen and nourishing elements. Given below is a set of selected moves.


Face yoga for skin rejuvenation

Face yoga for skin rejuvenation


  1. Forehead smoothing: Put both sets of your finger on the forehead between hair and eyebrows facing each other. Gently press and sweep outwards. Rest and repeat for 10 sets
  2. The giraffe: Even out the necklines by massaging the neck skin downwards with head pulled back. Repeat a couple of times
  3. Mascara for eye area elasticity: Make the awkward face all women make when applying mascara, with forefingers pressing underneath the eye bags and skin stretched over teeth. Look up and blink repeatedly for a ½ minute.

Natural remedies for skin rejuvenation

While there is a considerable number of home recipes for skin rejuvenation, this trio is hard to miss. You can use it a couple of times a week.


Lemon and honey for skin rejuvenation

Lemon and honey for skin rejuvenation


  1. Cucumber with curd: Combination of these in a mask reduces the dark circle effect around the eyes, calms the skin and remove dead skin cells. The ratio of the face pack should be half and half
  2. Lemon juice with honey: The Vitamin C serves as a powerful antioxidant. Lemon juice is also well-known for its bleaching properties which help in removal of spots and freckles. Honey’s antibacterial trait additionally helps in the anti-aging battle.
  3. Coconut milk: Use freshly-squeezed milk from coconut scrape and simply apply it to the face for rehydration and glow restoration.

Rinse your face gently after these treatments.

Creams and chemical peeling for skin rejuvenation

There is a considerable choice of anti-aging creams on the market, and the key to good purchase is knowing how to pick them and what ingredients to look for. A high price and a respected company with a long tradition are a good way to start. I will name a few key ingredients and their properties.


Various product containing retinol

Various products containing retinol


  • Retinol (vitamin A based) smoothens the skin, and is suitable to be used as night creams. Sunscreen is a must with any retinol cream
  • Hyaluronic acid helps getting rid of water retention problem

Anti ageing creams are usually applied daily (follow the instructions). For the age of 30 or older, after the emergence of first wrinkle anti ageing serums and creams should be used. Chemical peels are often administered when above-mentioned methods do not seem to help. The process removes blemishes and evens the skin surface. The use cycle varies from one to several months. Consulting a reputed clinic is advised.

Surgical treatments for skin rejuvenation

When we just cannot stop what time has done or go against natural genetic disposition, a surgical skin treatment can be the only solution for a youthful look. You need to pick a doctor and discuss potential measures. Be moderate. Avoid any impulsive decision and extreme changes. A simple brow lift would provide a much younger appearance. You may also seek to tighten your body after labour. Various skin treatments are available for skin rejuvenation and fine lines eradication.


Surgical skin treatment

Surgical skin treatment


Whatever method or treatment you choose, you need to have these covered. Mind your age, the quality and frequency of treatment application. Acquire the best products and consult with a trusted expert. Enjoy your beauty renewed!


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I am a self-practising naturotherapist with a primal diet. Primal diet has helped me maintain my weight and internal health. Herbal lifestyle has helped to rejuvenate my skin and body. Hence, combining the diet and herbal lifestyle creates harmony between my mind, body and skin.

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