How helpful is a cold shower?

26 Mar , 2016  

My husband is one of those people who take a cold shower even when it is -19 F outside. Accidently, I read my favourite blogger’s article and started practising the same. It was altogether a good experience. It is another thing if I am ill but in good health I do not shy away from cold water. Let us see why it is so important.

Cold shower wakes you up in the morning and puts you to sleep at night!

A blast of cold water is a temporary natural stressor for our body. When our body is under stress it forgets sleep which makes us feel fresh. When we want to sleep our core body temperature drops down. Hence, taking a cold shower at night will slowly help your core temperature go down and you will have a relaxed sleep. A hot shower may relax your muscles but may increase your core temperature.


Cold shower wakes you up

Cold shower wakes you up


Shiny hair and skin

Quite opposite to long hot showers which strip the natural oil, cold shower helps pores to be shrivelled up and lock in moisture. The texture of hair is improved by the use cold water.

Improve your immunity and circulation

Cold shower increases blood flow. This enhances lymph flow too. Lymph is a fluid that carries germ-fighting white blood cells. This improves our immunity.


Cold shower improves blood circulation

Cold shower improves blood circulation


Weight loss

Our body consists of brown fat and white fat. White fat is stored due to over eating but brown fat is stored to produce warmth in our body. Once fat starts burning white fat is also used up. To keep yourself warm in winters try cold shower in winters. It helps.

Stress and Depression reliever

According to 1994 study cold shower or a swim in cold sea water decreases uric acid levels and activates production of antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione helps other antioxidants to work, keeping oxidative stress at bay.

A study in 2008 found that depression can be controlled by cold water therapy. Cold water enables our brain to send small electric shocks which act as antidepressants.


Cold water therapy can relieve your from symptoms of depression

Cold water therapy can relieve your from symptoms of depression


Speed up muscle recovery

Muscles get sore due to lactic acid deposited in some areas. A cold shower will help circulate the lactic acid relieving the muscles. If you are an athlete cold shower or bath is best for healing your muscles.

How to start?

Start with mixing water (hot plus cold) slowly increasing amount of cold water. You will feel the difference.

Try it. This is my best step I have taken in my life. Just take care if you are ill or pregnant. Share your thoughts below.

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I am a self-practising naturotherapist with a primal diet. Primal diet has helped me maintain my weight and internal health. Herbal lifestyle has helped to rejuvenate my skin and body. Hence, combining the diet and herbal lifestyle creates harmony between my mind, body and skin.

41 Responses

  1. Silas says:

    First wasn’t really sure where to put this but I see it mentioned a lot that cold showers are beneficial. So here are my questions.

    1. Do you take a shower with all cold water or do a “James Bond Shower” and start hot and end cold?
    2. Is one better than the other?
    3. Is it better to do right after a workout or right when you wake up? All showers like this or only some?
    4. Any input on the benefits would be great.

    • Ankita Das says:

      Hi Silas,

      1. I take all cold shower. Hot to cold shower can be used by beginners who are afraid to take the leap the first time
      2. I prefer all cold as it releases stress hormones which can help remove depression and other stress in your body. Hot to cold can be bad for those who have low immunity as hot will first increase the temperature then cold water reduces it
      3. I will suggest when you wake up because it jolts you up and strengthens your immunity too. After workout your body temperature is high so letting body cool down before taking a cold shower is suggested
      4. Cold shower releases brown fat in the body which reduces weight and strengthens immunity. It is a natural stressor which helps give a kick to all the system. Blood circulation pumps up. Also unlike hot showers body’s natural oils won’t get depleted particularly if you live in dry regions or have dry skin.

  2. Nataša says:

    Sadly I love hot showers 😀 But I try to wash my hair with cold water

  3. Thank you for such a good information about cold showers but I am so kind of person who needs hot shower even in summer… but I am braving myself to start slowly in cold shower and btw you got great blog!!!

  4. I can’t even image taking cold showers in winter. It scares me already 😛
    My Blog: Harshita Kapur

  5. Anubhuti says:

    I have both cold and hot showers but i like keeping temperature of water to normal as much as poaaible..but cold showee helps with fatigue and muscle stress specially in summers :) also helps in peaceful sleep…loved the post..

  6. Wow that’s great, even my hubby loves taking cold shower during winter time also 😀 Great informative post Ankita :)

  7. Dipti says:

    I usually take cold showers, even during winters!! I didn’t know it has so many benefits, especially the weight loss one.

  8. Didn’t knew cold shower has so many benefits!

  9. Purva says:

    i always go for warm water shower..dint know cold water was this effective

  10. Awesome My mum prefers cold shower or hot

  11. diya says:

    i love cold showers!!!great post :)

  12. Sangeeta G says:

    I love taking cold showers. Never thought so in depth about the points you have mentioned. But it’s good to know I am doing something right.

  13. Rishika says:

    me always use cold water ! :) Thanks for sharing so good tips :*

  14. Harman says:

    Great tips Ankita :) If you have some tips to fight a cold before it takes hold can you please email me :) I’m fighting germs that I got from my mom and I surely dont want a cold :(

  15. I have read about this Ankita but never tried it. Will slowly implement it..

  16. Ramya says:

    I would love to have a cold shower in Summer. But in cold days, I can’t stand the cold water.. Interesting tips..

  17. Perkymegs says:

    I thought a warm shower is always better. Thanks for bursting my myth. I will take cold showers now. It seems to have so many benefits :)

  18. I never knew cold shower has so many health and beauty benefits! I am a hot shower kinda person! Lately i have become little allergic to certain things and have been taking shower in steaming hot water as per my Derma suggested! Next time I wil surely consult with the doc about taking cold shower :)

    My recent post: 6 Month Blogversary Giveaway Reminder !!

  19. erica says:

    Awesome… summers is a great time for cold showers.. thou I always loved cold showers due to winters I used to always go for lukewarm…but I agree cold showers really helps u in being active. Love the post.. Ankita!

  20. Sonali says:

    Great post, once in a while I love cold shower :)

  21. Mariyam says:

    I also use this technique by mixing both waters and increasing the quantity of cold water! :)

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