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2 Jul , 2016  

Most of the time to reduce water retention or bloating people use ‘diuretic’. Using diuretic is not a long-term solution and there are many conditions in which diuretic should not be used at all. It can worsen the situation actually. If water retention is due to leaky capillaries or food allergies then it is better to get checked by a physician rather than doing self-treatment. Here are some options which can remove excess water and heal if anything is ruptured within your body.



Water retention in feet

Water retention in feet



How to reduce water retention?

There are two factors which control the amount of water retention in your body. First, is diet and second, the lifestyle. Both go hand in hand to reduce bloating.


Diet plays a major role in reducing the bloated look. Since we accumulate water by drinking hence maintaining proper diet helps to push extra water out. There are few diet tips which help get rid of excess water retention.

The waterfall diet

This diet includes food which is rich in flavonoids like onions, blueberries, nettle, fennel seeds, cocoa, parsley, black tea, peanut and red wine. Flavonoids are anti-inflammatory meaning it helps to reduce swelling in our body. When our body produces a lot of histamine (a hormone which is released due to inflammations in the body) flavonoid-rich diet helps get rid of it fast. According to a research

“Particular flavonoid classes can reduce airway hyperresponsiveness, which is accompanied by lowered inflammatory mediators such as histamine and cytokines, and cell infiltration”



fennel to reduce water retention




Protein diet

If you are suffering from leaky capillaries then increasing protein in your diet helps build broken tissues. Since it is difficult to distinguish between water retention due to leaky and non-leaky capillaries it is better to increase protein in both cases.


Protein to reduce water retention



Drink more water

Drinking more water (up to 3 – 4 liters) per day helps get rid of toxic waste, salt, and sugar out from your body. The body retains water when it gets a signal of a fluid scarcity in future. Hence drinking water helps to stop scarcity of fluids.





Potassium and magnesium rich food

Bananas, sweet potato, beans, beet greens and tomato are some food items rich in potassium. Magnesium can be found in coconut water, leafy green vegetables, bananas, figs, avocados, dark chocolate and fish. Both keep the body hydrated, keeping fluid content high.


Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium


Cut out salt and sugar from your diet

Salt and sugar dehydrate your body hence avoiding them is the best method. Since they both act as poison for the body hence body wants to throw it out along with water fast. This makes the fluid levels low and the cycle repeated.


No salt

No salt


No sugar

No sugar


Do not drink beverages like coffee and tea

Cold drinks, coffee, and tea are few of those drinks which curb your thirst but fill your body with caffeine. Caffeine is again a potent poison for the body which it will try to excrete out fast. The low fluid cycle is again repeated here.


No tea

No tea

No coffee

No coffee


Practice fasting

Water fasting for one day can get rid of your bloating. You can also try raw fruit or juice fasting it does the same job in a couple of days. This fasting also helps the body to get rid of all the toxic waste if practiced once a week.


Do Fasting

Do Fasting

Aromatherapy and Naturopathy

Peppermint essential oil and Chamomile essential are excellent cures to reduce bloating. Apply 10 drops each on the affected area with almond or jojoba oil. Effects are excellent if done regularly.

Few procedures of naturopathy like hot and cold compress, mud therapy, baths of affected area and enema reduce bloating very fast. The effects are long term as they remove toxins from within.



Having a healthy, lean and fit body should not only be a goal but also a journey. You can become lean but if you go back to same old diet and lifestyle how long you think your body will continue to be healthy?


It is not a rocket science that sweating helps get rid of excess water. Hence, doing any form of workout should become your habit. Yoga makes you sweat as much as high-intensity interval training does.


Workout to shed water

Workout to shed water


Controlling your sleeping hours

When you sleep late or have incomplete sleep your body gets filled with harmful hormones which need to be excreted. Hence your body becomes dehydrated and automatically retaining more water. Sleeping less can also mean your body is not repaired. In the case of leaky capillaries, less sleep can be dangerous.


Get good sleep

Get good sleep


I cannot stress on the fact that to have a great health you have to push yourself life-long. One day yoga and HIITs can not do miracles. Getting rid of fat or water within short duration can make you body hollow in the long run. Enjoy life and make your senses your watch dog!

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I am a self-practising naturotherapist with a primal diet. Primal diet has helped me maintain my weight and internal health. Herbal lifestyle has helped to rejuvenate my skin and body. Hence, combining the diet and herbal lifestyle creates harmony between my mind, body and skin.

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  2. I have a problem of water retention and my fingers get swollen. Sadly, I am guilty of many vices listed above :( But i will defintely try to adopt these tips in my diet asap!

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