Top 5 reasons to start brushing your hair

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Top 5 reasons to start brushing your hair

19 Apr , 2016  

Do you remember how beautiful your mother’s hair was when you were a kid? At the same age when I was fighting with hair fall problems, my mother had very thick long straight hair. I inherited the straight hair but not the same amount of thickness. Two main reasons why I think this happened were first I started using toxic chemical filled shampoo from the age of 9 or 10 and second I hardly brushed my hair. Yes, you heard it right brushing your hair does affect the health of your scalp and hair.


Start brushing your hair

Start brushing your hair to get long healthy hair


Benefits of brushing your hair

  • Redistribution of natural oil– At night scalp goes through repairing process. In this process it produces sebum. Sebum hydrates your hair. Brushing your hair during the morning helps the oil get distributed evenly especially to your hair tips. The night time brushing helps in growth and morning time helps in moisturizing the strands
  • Massaging your scalp to increase blood flow– Just like your body needs a massage to help with blood circulation, your scalp needs one too. Brushing your roots helps massage your scalp. This brings nutrient rich blood to your scalp. Lack of nutrition is one main reason why our hair falls and dandruff problems increase
  • Removing toxins deposited by sweat– We sweat from every part of our body including scalp. Sweating releases toxins like uric acid. Brushing helps bring the waste to the tip of your strands. Accumulation of wastes can stop the root from getting nutrition
  • Improvement in volume and length- Massaging and moisturizing improve volume and length both. Quality of hair improves with regular brushing
  • Stopping fungal growth and pustular eruptions– Accumulation of sweat and toxic waste on the scalp can give rise to fungal infections and pustular eruptions during summers. This reduces hair fall and dandruff problems. Hence, Brushing your hair is a non-negotiable ritual

How to brush your hair?

How you comb your hair also matters according to Chiranjiv Chhabra, dermatologist, Skin Alive Clinic, Delhi. Chiranjiv says, “The type of brush and style of brushing matters a lot”. It is an important part of hair care. For me since I follow no-poo hair care brushing with a wooden comb or a natural boar bristle brush is important. Wooden comb absorbs the oil from your scalp and helps redistribute it evenly. Boar bristle brush does the same job. The difference is that wooden comb helps detangle it and boar bristle helps hair remain tangle free.

Start brushing your hair from the tip of your hair in small sections to the roots of your hair. Make sure hair is dry when your start brushing your hair. When knots are removed start brushing from root to tip in one go. Repeat this for about 10 to 15 times. You can see in the below picture how the oil in my top section got distributed and no sign of oil is seen afterwards.


Natural oil of hair has been distributed evenly

Natural oil of hair has been distributed evenly after brushing my hair


The links of the hair brushes I use is given here (wooden comb, wooden bristle brush, boar bristle brush). There are other important steps to maintain the health of your hair which is mentioned in this no poo hair post. I have noticed an increase in shine and reduction in hair fall by regularly following this process. I hope this post helps to improve your hair too. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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27 Responses

  1. Harman says:

    I almost never brush my hair because I have curly hair and it gets so crazy and frizzy upon brushing :( Wonder if I should do that!

  2. Gressa says:

    I always make it a point to use wooden comb to avoid static electricity that it produces… its really irritating.

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  3. Even I use wooden combs. But reach for tangle teezer when my hairs are badly tangled. U

  4. Great post Ankita :) I love brushing while my head is upside down . It increases the blood flow and somehow makes my hair straight naturally!

    • Ankita Das says:

      I will try this method for sure. My hair is completely straight but doing this will give the illusion of increased volume I think.Thanks for your tip. :)

  5. Sangeeta G says:

    Nice post Ankita. I love brushing my hair, and I prefer wooden combs too.

  6. shwetali says:

    Nice post ankita. I agree, brushing hair with proper technique is very important. But I am too lazy to brush them :(

  7. erica says:

    I totally agree with u Ankita! I love brushing my hair… Earlier i thought it leads to more hairfall. But now that I have made a habit. Its looks tangle free long and smooth. Great post.

  8. Sudhaa says:

    This is new and interesting to me. Thanks for posting!

  9. Shampita says:

    Woodeb brushes are much better than plastic ones. I used to use a wooden brush and then it broke. I have to buy another one. ☺

  10. Clementia says:

    Interesting and great as always. love reading your posts :*

  11. Anubhuti says:

    I brush my hair twice a day and i use tangle teezer, that works best for me :)

  12. Sonali says:

    I think I should try wooden brush. I love brushing my hair endlessly, which irritates my hubby 😛

  13. Mariyam says:

    I brush my hair regularly but with a plastic brush. Looks like I need to use a wooden brush instead!

  14. Ramya says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips Ankita. I’ve also seen the difference in hair texture just by changing the brush..

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