Reduce water retention before it’s too late!

2 Jul , 2016  


Most of the time to reduce water retention or bloating people use ‘diuretic’. Using diuretic is not a long-term solution and there are many conditions in which diuretic should not be used at all. It can worsen the situation actually. If water retention is due to leaky capillaries or food allergies More…

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Reduce cellulite in 6 easy steps

6 Feb , 2016   Video


Cellulite is something every age group is afraid of. I have seen this problem mostly amongst girls. Guys do not have that much cellulite problem. The major area of cellulite accumulation is thighs, waist, hips and arms. This is believed to be caused by an imbalance between connective tissue and fat layer in one’s body. More…

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Is massage beneficial for skin and body?

14 Jan , 2016  

Is massage beneficial for skin and body?

Sometimes in life, you do not need to prove few things. You naturally come to know how good they are. My constant search for a perfect diet, workout methods, skincare, body care and mind balance lead to some wonderful discoveries. Massage is one of them. More…

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What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

12 Jan , 2016  

Benefits of intermittent fasting

I have been practising intermittent fasting for years now. It has worked for me and my husband. Still I suggest that if you start trying IF then do not expect the same results. Everybody is different and any practice yields a different result for everybody. I am mixing my experience and the general predicted benefits of Intermittent fasting. More…

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Intermittent fasting – a healthy method to get fit

9 Jan , 2016  

Intermittent fasting: a new method to get fit

After writing about how much makeup is bad for skin and how to improve your digestive system, I was asked by many readers about intermittent fasting. This is something which helps me not to overeat and improve my overall health. I have already written how eating small meals all day is a very big metabolism myth. Hence, one meal, once a day is more than enough to keep me running. More…

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How water fasting affected my skin and body?

6 Jan , 2016  

How water fasting affected my skin & body?

Water fasting is a type of fasting where you do not eat for 24 hours minimum. The only thing which goes into your mouth is water. The reason I chose this type of fasting was to increase my control over my mind, body and cleanse them as well. It was first tried by my husband for 23 days. I saw some changes in him. It inspired me to bite the bullet.  More…

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Sugar – “The Common Enemy”

10 Sep , 2015  

Sugar - the common enemy

Does sugar ring a bell? It will soon. It is omnipresent, like God!! That does not mean it is not harmful to our body. To achieve a healthy body, hair and skin it is very necessary to give up sugar. Few reasons why I insist on restricting too much sweetness are discussed below.


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