Reduce water retention before it’s too late!

2 Jul , 2016  


Most of the time to reduce water retention or bloating people use ‘diuretic’. Using diuretic is not a long-term solution and there are many conditions in which diuretic should not be used at all. It can worsen the situation actually. If water retention is due to leaky capillaries or food allergies More…

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Detox with mud therapy

20 Jun , 2016   Video

Detox with mud therapy

Mud has the power of assimilating all type of rejected waste. Even after absorbing so much toxic waste it yields manure which is incredible. This quality of mud can be used by us to get rid of toxic waste from our body too.  More…

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Top 10 ways I include lemon in my life!!

29 Mar , 2016  

Top 10 ways I use lemon

From a drink to a beauty ingredient, lemon has lots of uses. I and my husband consume about half kg of lemons per week. That is a lot! Do you want to know why? Then dig in. More…

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Curb your craving with these tips!

1 Mar , 2016   Video

Curb your craving!

Everyone amongst us admits of craving fried/fatty/junk food. Eating a cheesy slice of pizza, delicious sweets or the panipuri sometimes changes our mood. Since I am a foodie, I crave at the oddest hour for the weirdest food. I have posted how to make your fresh food taste better than processed food earlier. More…

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Make fresh food taste better than processed food!

2 Feb , 2016  

How to make fresh food taste better than processed food

Everyone has become conscious about their diet. Processed foods are something which everyone is trying to avoid. Many people have a misconception about what falls under this category. Due to this misconception, they eat processed food unknowingly. Let us understand it and find solutions to replace it with fresh food. More…

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What is myofascial massage therapy: solution to body aches

29 Jan , 2016  

Myofascial Massage therapy: solution to body aches

Myofascial is a type of massage which helps to make Superficial fascia muscle under our dermis and fat layer flexible. Due to lack of activity or during old age our muscles tend to get stiff. This leads to many joint and muscular pain. This massage or Myofascial release therapy helps to improve blood circulation and makes you pain-free. More…

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How harmful pollution is?

23 Jan , 2016   Video

How harmful polution can be?

According to WHO, New Delhi has become the most polluted city on earth. I guess India has a reputation in being number one for all the wrong reasons these days. This is alarming. I do not want to describe how the pollution is harming. This is taken care by the environment studies in our school. I would like to bust some myths and discuss some steps to protect your skin from this pollution problem.  More…

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Sleep – key to flawless skin and healthy body

14 Dec , 2015  

Sleep: key to flawless skin and healthy body

Everybody loves to sleep. Include me also in this category. Since, working people are very busy these days the total number of hours of sleep is decreasing day by day. The problem is not only fewer hours but many healing functions of the body are being delayed. To understand the correlation of sleep and body functions we should first know the importance of sleep. More…

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Understanding collagen: healthy skin, hair and body

15 Nov , 2015  

Collagen for healthy skin, hair and body

What is the first sign you find on the skin when one ages? Wrinkles. Wrinkles are loose skin folds on different parts of the body. Collagen is the secret which provides elasticity to healthy skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles or loose skin. As we age there is a loss of collagen in our body which leads to loss of elasticity and formation of wrinkles. More…

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Your skincare includes exercise part 2

14 Nov , 2015  


One year ago I was living in a part of US where the sun is rare and it snows for 6 months. I wanted to get out and do some workout. I never liked going to gym. My belief is closer you live to nature the better your health is. Doing exercise in gym never gave me the same benefits as outside. More…

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Hazards of laziness part 1

9 Nov , 2015  

Hazards of laziness

The humans were never made to sit, sleep or take long rest. This is what we are doing these days. Our lifestyle has changed so much that it’s taking a toll on our health. If we look at our paleolithic ancestors, we find they never sat idle. Either they hunted, managed the household work or fulfilled body functions. More…

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The relationship of diet and skin (vol. 2)

16 Oct , 2015  

Diet & skin relation

Why so much focus is put on a poor diet? Have your every thought about it? The simple answer is most of our body problems arises from our stomach. If your stomach does not digest well you cannot absorb nutrients well and also suffer from gastric problems. More…

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Sugar – “The Common Enemy”

10 Sep , 2015  

Sugar - the common enemy

Does sugar ring a bell? It will soon. It is omnipresent, like God!! That does not mean it is not harmful to our body. To achieve a healthy body, hair and skin it is very necessary to give up sugar. Few reasons why I insist on restricting too much sweetness are discussed below.


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