Benefits of living a natural lifestyle

18 Jun , 2016   Video


Natural lifestyle has been in existence since ages. Except human being every other living being is following it. Due to excessive use of modern technology we are further drifted from our roots. I have started my youtube channel which will work along with this blog to make people aware and help them achieve a healthy life with naturopathy. More…

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Curb your craving with these tips!

1 Mar , 2016   Video

Curb your craving!

Everyone amongst us admits of craving fried/fatty/junk food. Eating a cheesy slice of pizza, delicious sweets or the panipuri sometimes changes our mood. Since I am a foodie, I crave at the oddest hour for the weirdest food. I have posted how to make your fresh food taste better than processed food earlier. More…

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The relationship of diet and skin (vol.3)

20 Oct , 2015  

Relationship of diet and skin vol. 3

I have explained in my previous two posts (vol.1 & vol.2) what are the essential nutrients required for proper body functioning with good immunity. If a diet is poor then immunity goes down. More…

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The relationship of diet and skin (vol. 2)

16 Oct , 2015  

Diet & skin relation

Why so much focus is put on a poor diet? Have your every thought about it? The simple answer is most of our body problems arises from our stomach. If your stomach does not digest well you cannot absorb nutrients well and also suffer from gastric problems. More…

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The relationship of diet and skin (vol.1)

12 Oct , 2015  

Diet and skin relation

The reason why I started writing this article is to make everybody understand that there is no perfect skin and health without monitoring what you put in your body. Some are conscious and selectively choose their meal daily. Some do not know the benefits of having a proper intake of everything and its effect. More…

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