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Top 5 reasons to start brushing your hair

19 Apr , 2016  

Top 5 reasons to start brushing your hair

Do you remember how beautiful your mother’s hair was when you were a kid? At the same age when I was fighting with hair fall problems, my mother had very thick long straight hair. I inherited the straight hair but not the same amount of thickness. Two main reasons why I think this happened More…

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Understanding collagen: healthy skin, hair and body

15 Nov , 2015  

Collagen for healthy skin, hair and body

What is the first sign you find on the skin when one ages? Wrinkles. Wrinkles are loose skin folds on different parts of the body. Collagen is the secret which provides elasticity to healthy skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles or loose skin. As we age there is a loss of collagen in our body which leads to loss of elasticity and formation of wrinkles. More…

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“NO POO” – my struggle vol 1

8 Sep , 2015  

The first and instant problem of letting harmful chemicals into my life was on my hair. Whenever I applied hair masks, my hair used to tell me that it loved the treatment. As the days passed and I gave in to my lazy schedule, I cared less about the well being of my hair and slathered the well marketed, silicone rich conditioner. It feels very good instantly but what happens as the day proceeds? Let us see how “No poo method” worked for me.

My damaged hair - No Poo volume 1

My damaged hair


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