top 10 natural ingredients to remove scars

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Top 10 natural ingredients to remove scars

12 Apr , 2016  

Scarring is a phenomenon where the upper layers of epidermis get ruptured. Deeper the scar runs, more prominent they become. If you act on the scars fast enough they can be easily removed. Here I am suggesting ten ingredients which remove scars very easily.

Licorice/Mulethi/Yashtimadhu powder

Make a mask of yogurt and mulethi powder. Apply it as face or body mask. With regular use, you will get clear skin soon. For oily skin, you can use rose water instead of yogurt.


Licorice to remove scars

Licorice to remove scars


Lemon to remove scars

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Do not apply it directly as it is acidic and can irritate your skin. Apply lemon after mixing with honey. Honey is a bleaching agent too. Using both of them together helps you to remove scars easily. Check top 10 uses of lemon.



Lemon can remove scars


Potato is not only tasty to eat but it is a good beauty vegetable as well. Slice a potato and apply the juice over scarred area. It can reduce the pore size on your skin as well. So it is very good to use on pimple and acne scars.





Rose hip seed oil

Rose hip seeds are rich in vitamin A and C. These two vitamins are required by skin and help in collagen production. Both these qualities make this oil excellent for application on scars. I suggest mix this oil in your skincare item as much as you like and apply daily as a skin care or spot treatment. You can use rosehip seed oil as a moisturizer as well. It is light and non-stick by nature.


Rose hip seeds

Rose hip seeds


Fuller’s earth aka Multani mitti

This clay has helped me achieve flawless skin during my college days. The key is to use it in place of face wash. It enables micro exfoliation and removes the dead skin. Daily using it removes the upper layer of scarred skin and replace it with fresh skin.


Fuller's earth

Fuller’s earth


Aloe vera

Although this is a slow remedy but it is 100% effective and no side effects. I have observed smooth skin in about 2 months. It had reduced my pores, scars and brightened my skin as well. It is moisturizing so you can replace moisturizer with aloe gel.


Aloe gel can heal sunburn

Aloe vera


Fenugreek seed to remove scars

Make a paste of soaked fenugreek seeds in a mixer. Apply this paste on the affected area to remove scars. Wash it when it dries. Just make sure you remove it with wet tissue and dump it in trash. It has a tendency to clog pipes.


Fenugreek aka methi

Fenugreek aka methi


Sandalwood powder

Sandalwood is very rare to get your hands upon but it has tremendous benefits. It also has a cooling effect. Make a paste with water in case of powder. If you have the log then rub it constantly against any stone to get a paste. Apply the paste over the affected areas. It will take about a  month to see the results.

Sandal wood powder or wood piece both can be used to remove scars

Sandal wood powder or wood piece both can be used to remove scars


Vitamin E oil

‘Vitamin E oil’ or ‘oils rich in vitamin E’ like almond, avocado, olive or sesame oil can reduce scars very easily and effectively. People are sceptical about applying oils on acne so what you can do is mix it in your pimple cream. You can also use oils after your pimple finishes and only the scar is visible.


Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil



One of my friends used tomatoes to remove tanning. I had the idea to use it on my scars as well. It worked, bingo!! It is rich in Vitamin A and C which are excellent for renewing your skin layers.


tomatoes are rich in lycopene

tomatoes are rich in lycopene


All these ingredients are natural and seldom cause any side effects. Always try to remove scars as soon as they are formed. You can use these ingredients on stretch marks, tanning, pimple and acne scarring. Stretch marks running deep may take few months to lighten or go away completely. Give them a try and share which one do you use already.

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I am a self-practising naturotherapist with a primal diet. Primal diet has helped me maintain my weight and internal health. Herbal lifestyle has helped to rejuvenate my skin and body. Hence, combining the diet and herbal lifestyle creates harmony between my mind, body and skin.

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  1. Anubhuti says:

    I have tried tomatoes, lemon as well as raw milk and they are quite effective at removing scars..

  2. Ruchika says:

    Great and informative post Ankita, Loved it :)

  3. Nataša says:

    Thanks for the tips 😀 I will definitely try some of those.

  4. safi says:

    Very useful tips. Tomato and lemon works for me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sonali says:

    Thanks for the information :)

  6. Wonderful tips! Natural methods are the best!

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  7. Mariyam says:

    Licorice, potato and vitamin E oil is effective in removing scars :)

  8. Ramya says:

    Great compilation! Good to know..Thanks for sharing!

  9. Aparajita says:

    This is so informative, I never knew about the Mulethi giving clear skin 😀 Rest I use on and off except Rosehip. Do you know where we can source that?

  10. Perkymegs says:

    Great tips dear. So useful. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Sangeeta G says:

    I love using a combination of lemon, turmeric and besan for my scars. It helps in removing the scars and exfoliates skin well.

  12. Rishika says:

    i am fan of aloe vera gel which can be extracted naturally at home only. Very informative post.

    Can cucumber is also in list ?

  13. Sudhaa says:

    I’m hearing about using Licorice for removing scars for the first time. Will give it a try.

  14. swati sharma says:

    So many useful ingredients……I haven’t tried all of them but I am currently using lemon and potato for my scars….Hope that they will help….Fingers crossed…..Great article dear…

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