6 ways to treat acne scars

21 Mar , 2016  

Dealing with acne is challenging. It is painful, irritating and can leave permanent acne scars on our skin. This can completely ruin our confidence and self-image. Acne scars manifest in the form of uneven skin bump, dent, and area of darkened skin. It may seem like a hopeless situation, but there are actually a few things you can do to help your skin rejuvenate. You can apply various home-made remedies/cosmetic products that will smooth the skin and fade blemishes. You can also have a laser skin treatment done. Here is a quick overview of some options.


Acne scars

Acne scars


Acne scar creams

The market is full of various creams that are advertised as the solution to your acne scars. You have to be concerned about the contents of these creams. It is best if they are made with organic, natural ingredients without too many chemicals. Creams based on high amounts of cortisone will help with swelling, redness and inflammations. Creams with arbutin, Vitamin C and natural acid like Kojic acid will help fade the dark spots. These are natural bleaching agents. The best cream will deal with both these aspects of acne scar. It will help with skin dents, bumps, dark spots and discoloration. It may have fast and noticeable results too.


Acne scar cream - natural and organicAcne scar cream - natural and organic

Acne scar cream – natural and organic


Natural remedies for acne scars

There are many natural and purely organic home-made masks you can use. These can give you flawless and glowing skin. Most of them are very simple to make and contain ingredients that you usually already have at home. Tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, lemon, lime, olive oil, coconut oil, sage, turmeric, baking soda, ice, honey and so on. Most of them have been used to treat skin problems since ancient times. They contain high amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Natural remedies don’t have any side effects that cosmetic products might have. They are more affordable and are completely painless.

You can mix following essential oils in your skincare to remove acne scar: lemon, lavender, carrot seed, red raspberry seed and lime.


Natural bleaching agents

Natural bleaching agents


Laser skin treatments

The most effective, but the most costly option is having a laser skin treatment done. If your acne scar persists after various creams and DIY masks, it is best to consult a good dermatologist. A professional will be able to determine what kind of a laser skin treatment would best suit your condition. There are usually three options when it comes to laser skin resurfacing treatments: ablative, non-ablative and sublative.


Laser can be used to diminish scars

Laser can be used to diminish acne scar


  • Ablative lasers

These lasers work in the epidermal part of the skin or the uppermost layer of skin. They can work all the way down to deeper layers thus addressing even the deepest wrinkles and holes in the skin. Multiple laser beams penetrate the skin, letting the old skin be replaced with new, smoother skin.

  • Non-ablative lasers

These work in the dermal part of the skin. They don’t damage the surface part of our skin, but go right through and work on encouraging collagen production. Collagen makes our skin elastic, fresh and youthful looking. This procedure works well with milder wrinkles, discoloration, redness and unwanted hair.

  • Sublative treatments

These treatments don’t use lasers at all. They use radio frequency to penetrate the skin and go underneath it to promote collagen production keeping the upper layer of skin undamaged. Although they are very effective and fast in dealing with all acne scar issues, they can be quite painful and can cause some skin irritations too.

Some procedures like dermal fillers and facelift surgery might also help solve the issue of acne scars successfully. They can also harm the skin barrier beyond repair. In the end, I will say avoid staying out in the sun for very long hours and eating a healthy balanced diet will go a long way. You can take care of your skin from the sun by eating some healthy foods or using natural oil sunscreens.

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I am a self-practising naturotherapist with a primal diet. Primal diet has helped me maintain my weight and internal health. Herbal lifestyle has helped to rejuvenate my skin and body. Hence, combining the diet and herbal lifestyle creates harmony between my mind, body and skin.

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    Acne scars are hard to fade but they do get lighten through natural remedies .

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    Informative post as always.

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    Acne has been a pain in my asss for a long time.. I have to undergo medication to get rid of it… nice tips for mild acne..!

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